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About Congress.org

Congress.org is a non-partisan website dedicated to building a knowledge base for professionals wishing to better engage their communities. Highlighting the latest trends, success stories, effective or creative implementations and more, professionals from a whole host of backgrounds, whether in marketing, government affairs, communications or otherwise, can share their knowledge and gain insight from the larger advocacy community.

Congress.org embraces that advocacy has evolved – a letter writing campaign should no longer be considered an organization’s only option for effective legislator outreach. We look to help readers lead within the new paradigm, one that recognizes that consistent stakeholder education and involvement will lead to better results. Positioning your group as the trustworthy thought leader in the arena will only help as your issues evolve today and into the future.

It’s with that in mind that we work to make this site the leading resource on advocacy and engagement.

How do we look to get to that point and be the resource you need?

  • Our Blog
    Through multiple postings each week, we’ll deliver insight into the various aspects of issue and brand-oriented advocacy efforts. From the design of effective campaigns to social media outreach, marketing insight to advertising and more, we look to highlight the successful choices organizations are making and how those decisions can benefit your campaigns.
  • State of the States
    Regular updates on trends and major policy activity at the state level. State legislatures are both proactive and reactive to federal activity, with issues like health care and gun control often moving much faster in the 50 state capitals than in Congress. With an assist from our partners at KSE FOCUS, we will keep you up to date on the critical issues, from Maine to Hawaii. On the state level, you can use our state legislation tracker. If you need a congressional bill tracker, we have you covered too.
  • Advocacy 101
    A primer for the ever-changing world of advocacy. We’ll walk you through a basic overview of advocacy, where it’s been and where it’s going. Weighing the latest studies from the Congressional Management Foundation against our own experience with staffers on the hill, we’ll provide a quick rundown of the different tools organizations are using. From tweet your legislator to petitions, surveys to traditional letters to the hill, each has their place at the table.
  • Latest News
    Providing a non-partisan resource for the latest news from Capitol Hill. We’ll provide daily stories from sources from around the country that cover the discussions on Capitol Hill.
  • Case Studies
    An in-depth review of strategies that we’ve seen work. From campaigns that generated 1000s of tweets per day to legislators to tactics that increased time on site and pageviews by over 200%, we’ll provide you with success stories that you can quickly implement as you look for new strategies to improve your efforts.

At the end of the day, this is a resource for the grassroots advocacy community. Please feel free to reach out to us at any time with questions or comments and follow us at @FiscalNote.

About FiscalNote

FiscalNote provides essential intelligence and grassroots advocacy resources to take action. FiscalNote is a global technology and media company that provides policy data, news, analytics, and workflow tools to help organizations assess and act on risk. We are the ultimate insiders, and our unmatched network of relationships and expertise has powered the productivity of those who rely on us since 1945.