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3rd-term Democrat from Delaware.
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Distinquished Warfare Medal

Sen. Thomas Carper

March 13, 2013

Senators Carper:
I’m asking you to immediately sponsor or agree to support S. 470 to lower the ranking of the new Distinguished Warfare Medal to below the Purple Heart.
Because in a letter written directly to National Commander of the VFW, the Defense Department again said they would not lower the status of the medal, which now ranks 9th highest out of five dozen current medals and ribbons in the order of precedence " and you don't have to go to war to earn it!
You may not have to go to war to earn it, but it should NOT be ranked above medals for troops with Boots on Ground, risking their lives in harms way, losing life and limbs.

As of this morning, H.R. 833 had only 41 sponsors out of 435 members of the House, and S. 470 had only 10 sponsors out of 100 members of the Senate. We need more! We need to know you support us on this extremely important issue!
This VFW-supported legislation has bipartisan support because it is the right thing to do for the troops who go into harm's way and not home every night.
This is a policy disagreement over the placement of the new medal, not whether drone operators, cyber warriors and others deserve to be properly recognized for the tremendous impact they are bringing to the battlefield in real-time. But they are NOT in harms way!
We adamantly believe that medals that can only be earned in combat must rank higher than new medals awarded in the rear!
It is imperative that you support S. 470 today!
Having been to a combat zone, I firmly believe that this medal should be below the Purple Heart. After meeting with you last week during the VFW Legislative Conference we feel that you are in agreement with us on this issue. We truly hope we are correct in that assumption.
God Bless the United States of America!
Retired Navy SR. Chief
P.S. Senator Carper it was great to see you last Sunday at a VFW Event!

Middletown , DE