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7th-term Democrat from Wisconsin.
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My issue with any weapons ban

Sen. Ron Johnson
Rep. Gwen Moore
Sen. Tammy Baldwin

February 17, 2013

To whom it may concern,

I am writing today because I am concerned over the loss of one of my God given rights; the right to bear arms. I am not here to blame video games, music, and/or society, I am not writing to whine, I am writing because I am afraid. I am afraid I will be criminalized for being a law abiding citizen. I own an AR-15 and I own multiple standard 30 round magazines. My intent is not to harm but to protect myself, my property and especially my loved ones. Now for some people they may think that weapon is excessive, however, my love for those said things is just as much. I do take issue to the fact that there is an extreme lack of knowledge of these weapons by those who want to take them away from law abiding citizens. By calling a weapon an assault rifle, it is almost as if people are criminalizing me by saying I want to assault someone. Again, I own one to protect whats mine. We need to face the fact that this world is not without people that will try to take what is yours and mine. Don't criminalize me for protect my God given right. I thank you for your time.

Milwaukee , WI