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All messages are published with permission of the sender. The general topic of this message is Civil Liberties:
Concerning: Breach Media Wrong Offenses

Sen. Ron Johnson
Rep. Gwen Moore
Sen. Tammy Baldwin

February 10, 2013

Dearest Constituents;

It horribly saddens me to report the destructive behavior and pre-disposition of parties that apparently have abused government policy and occupational provision.

Accordingly; Milwaukee County employees, parties that have been employed for emergency response and other media sensitive purposes have been found and have pleaded guilty of abusing private property and information.

A small, undisclosed group of Milwaukee County Law Enforcement employees, working under the auspicious of dispatch attempted to spy and sabotage the name and good public standing of numerous citizens; all of whom were not aware of the identities of the employees in question. The employees, once the channel and frequency of their breach of media transparency had been established, refused to provide any information concerning their hostilities and malicious acts, taunting and daring a full frontal confrontation. These acts are a detriment to emergency response and police departments across the country and should be punished by dishonorably discharging and permanently barring such offenders from public service. Extensible and indictment charges are being sought against the parties and a permanent ban against owning or accessing public address and or specialized mobile dispatch equipment.

The intent of the parties has been deemed criminal with minimum public policy or municipal code enforcement intended by them. The activities are a violation against civil and human decency and should be investigated for the duration of no less than four (4) to eight (8) years to establish the severity of their offenses against the public. Formal restraining orders of all parties found associated with the dispatch parties will be sought with prejudice against such for the duration of all local rules and or dispute resolution hearing. The correctional and incarceration periods of such parties should be no less than ten (10) years with a probational plead being allocated no less than five (5) of the maximum allotted incarceration period as provided by United States Code and other Federal, State and Local law.

Violations against the safety and well being of the person and property is a serious offense. Healthcare and transparency laws have been established in this and other countries to protect citizen from the propensities that media based occupations create. Such trusts and transparency have been compromised and a sense of closure in malfeasance cases across the country should be re-instated as law.

Transparency in public administration should not be ill-treated or disregarded as being law. It is as frail and easily broken as the victims it is established to protect, including those installed as officers of the peace. Endangering and or creating defamatory campaigns against the betterment of public safety is a morale offense, of which the parties in question have repeatedly instigated as visitors of insolvency, misjudging their positions as public servants and abusing the facilities of trust within the community. Their actions have led to antitrust and unfair trade practices that have developed into a sense of false security, invulnerability against prosecution. This complaint represents the victims of such social arrogance and invasions of the homestead. Actions must be taken to restrict the presence of unidentified parties via media in the homestead and to increase the public's awareness of options available unto them in the event they are victimized by breach media wrongs. Offenders such as in the focus of this complaint should also be made subjected unto no longer than five hundred and twenty hours (520 hours) of media literacy and ethics consultation within the duration of no less than fifty weeks (50 weeks).

To close this complaint, public service work should be a great honor for any citizen called and chosen to serve, not a grand assault against the taxpayer's consumer confidence in not reporting dispatch related offenses. Replacing such offenders will be a draining and cumbersome task; yet I strongly encourage Local, State and Federal officials to take action and champion the cause of investigating breach media offenses and establishing viable solutions for the socially literate citizen of this country. Please, Stop The Insolvency!

Milwaukee , WI