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7th-term Democrat from Texas.
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Sen. John Cornyn
Sen. Ted Cruz
Rep. Henry Cuellar

February 28, 2013

Good Morning Mr. Obama , Mr. Biden,Governor Perry, Lt Governor Dewhurst, Senators Zaffirini,Cornyn and Cruz. Representatives Cuellar , Raymond and King.

I strongly Urge you to Support and Defend Our Constitution and Bill of Rights. After all you have sworn a Oath to do so.
Too Many Lives have been lost in the Defense of Our Nations way of Life and Constitution.
Please do not Make all those Sacrifices to have been in Vain.

Our Forefathers Fought against Domination by British rule and Won back Our Rights as set in Our Constitutions Bill Of Rights.

I Support All Our Rights. The Most Our Second Amendment,Because without it the rest hold no Power and have no Value.

As a Citizen I ask you to Oppose Any and All Weapons Bans and Magazine Limitations.

Mr. Biden I ask you to be a Man of your Word and to Stand up and Defend Mr.Trevor Snowden of Virginia Beach. All Mr Snowden did was to do Exactly what Mr Biden said to do " Shot two Blasts in the Air". Mr. Trevor Snowden was obviously just following government sanctioned advice(Mr. Biden). Mr. Biden You should be glad to cover his attorney’s fees and any fines that may be assessed as Mr Snowden did just as You Told The Country to Do.

Support the Second Amendment.
Oppose All Gun Bans in Any Form and At Any Cost.

All Praises to Our Creator and Long Live The Republic!!