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7th-term Democrat from Texas.
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Sen. John Cornyn
Sen. Ted Cruz
Rep. Henry Cuellar

February 22, 2013

 Good Morning Mr. Obama, Mr. Cuellar, Mr. Cornyn and Mr. Cruz.

For some time I have watched as politicians have tried to us terrible events like the Sandy Hook massacre and the massacre in the Theater in Colorado and others in an attempt to Stripe us of Our God Given Right to OWN and to BEAR ARMS. The Second Amendment is Simple in its language.

I hope you see the loss of jobs this political move to Disarm Us is creating.
The loss of lives will not be stopped by disarming us. It will only leave us all defenseless against Criminals who have Never Ever Followed the Law and will Never be without a weapon to terrorize and Kill the innocent. Criminals get their guns Illegally. Unlike US the law abiding Tax Paying Citizens of The United States of America.

I strongly oppose any attempt by Our Government to Ban Semi automatic weapons or full capacity magazines of twenty ,thirty or more founds.

And Mr. Obama, you claim you do not want to take our guns from Us. Well Delegate Frank S. Turner's email states the opposite. In an email he states "The real Challenge is how to collect the thousands of assault weapons in circulation".
That sounds like confiscation to me.

Lies are nothing new in Politics. Just remember gentlemen, You where voted into office and if you do not represent Us and Our Views We Will Replace you by Voting you Out of the office you currently hold.

I Demand that you Support and Defend Our Constitutional Rights. I Demand opposition to Any Anti gun and Magazine limitation Legislation now and in the Future.
Thank you gentlemen.

I thank you for your time and May Our Creator Bless Us All.

Long Live The Republic.