Representative Steve Cohen (D-TN 9th)
6th-term Democrat from Tennessee.
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All messages are published with permission of the sender. The general topic of this message is Guns/Weapons:
Please take care of the budget, but we cannot forget about guns

Sen. Lamar Alexander
Rep. Steve Cohen
Sen. Bob Corker

February 28, 2013

 I understand the budget is at the top of your list right now.. as it should be. But please know that myself, and many friends and fellow citizens, will be watching to see what you do next - with gun control.

This is an issue that is not going away in the minds of American citizens. We've been distracted many times before, but not this time.

So, I thank you for your work toward passing a budget, but then know our thoughts will refocus on gun control - specifically the ban on assault weapons, universal background checks, and eliminating or severely limiting the sale of high capacity magazines.

Thank you for your service, and please - do what's right for the safety of your citizens - not the gun lobby or people who just collect guns. Our forefathers were not interested in protecting giant manufacturers or those whose hobby cut into the safety and rights of so many others. What's happening now is an abomination of the 2nd amendment.

Memphis , TN