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4th-term Republican from Alaska.
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EPA, Heather Podesta, Goliad county,texas, groundwater;Uranium Energy Corp.

Sen. Lisa Murkowski
Rep. Don Young

March 14, 2013

 I suggest you get up to date on the triumph of the lobbiest over the residents of Goliad county in Texas. Read Propublicas report please.

This appears to be a sad case of a sweetheart, relative of John Podesta snuggling up to the right people deal and basically screwing the folks of Goliad County.

I don't care if the lobbyists are Democrats or close to the sucks when their allegence is to their clients even at the expense of reasonable environmental concerns and the welfare of the local citizens.

There should be a means whereby those who want to indulge in practices that may endanger others are required to have available a no contest fund to compensate for damage that only,MAY HAVE, impacted these others.....without allowing for long , protracted legal fights.

Forcing locals to come up with the dollars to fight the legal teams of the big corporations is fundamentally unjust.

Anchorage , AK