Representative Jim Jordan (R-OH 4th)
6th-term Republican from Ohio.
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Rep. Jim Jordan
Sen. Sherrod Brown
Sen. Rob Portman

February 24, 2013

 I am asking you to support sequestration measures and allow the reduction in federal expenses to go into effect. The sequestration measures are only a reduction of the proposed increase of expenses and will only be a start to what will be necessary to begin to balance the budget. The administration continues to mislead the public and use scare tactics when discussing the results of the reductions which they were part of establishing. This will still not be enough and I would ask you to focus diligently to peruse a balanced budget amendment to the constitution. Our future and that of our future generations require hard decisions and we cannot continue to barrow and spend as the current administration has. I am your constituent and I vote. Please represent me.

Amherst , OH