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6th-term Republican from Ohio.
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Veterans Benefits

Rep. Jim Jordan
Sen. Sherrod Brown
Sen. Rob Portman

February 12, 2013

 Members of Congress today I write to you on behalf of myself as well as the hundreds of thousands of veterans and their families who have given so much to this country to ensure that we remain a free Democratic society where people can live work and pray in any way that they wish. And they, if they choose, can even run for and be elected to powerful and prestigious offices such as you hold today. This only comes about because of the sacrifices and sometimes deaths that veterans and their families have endured to ensure that this great country remains free. For hundreds of years and countless wars veterans and their families have offered and sometimes given their all to this country. We have all heard the speeches, seen the bumper stickers, read the campaign slogans, and read the newspaper ads and emails generated by members of Congress as well as the President of the United States touting your support of veterans and their causes. Yet, when it comes down to putting words into action, the proof is in the pudding. Consistently when the VA has approached Congress for funds that would enable them to pay for the care and compensation that these veteran’s and their families’ sacrifices fully entitled them to, the very same elected officials who put them in harms way deny adequate funds for the VA to pay for their care and compensation.

This has gone on far too long and needs to be changed immediately. The message that is being given to veterans and their families of today, yesterday, and the future is that although it is okay to ask them to offer their all for the freedom of this country, that their sacrifices are not worth much. It would seem that our elected officials have no problem providing humanitarian aid to other countries that need our help but at the same time they have no problem shortchanging the veterans who made it possible for them to do this.

It is time that you stop talking and start acting on your words. Many of you have never worn the uniform of this country. Therefore I doubt that you can fully understand how it feels to be denied compensation for claims that are filed because of serious injuries, diseases and sometimes death that are the result and rewards that veterans are given each and every day of their lives in repayment for their service to this country.

If you truly believe the words that you have spoken so freely and so often about supporting veterans and their needs it is time for you to act upon those words now or to change your statements to read more like “I support veterans and their families (except when it costs money)”.

The VA needs to increase the number of people who handle claims and make the decisions about claims. Claims are taking Vietnam era service people years to get the VA to look at and make a decision. If you wait long enough there will not be any of us alive to receive any benefit from our service connected medical issue.

I look forward to seeing or reading about your immediate actions that will resolve these major issues.