Representative Rosa DeLauro (D-CT 3rd)
14th-term Democrat from Connecticut.
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Rep. Rosa DeLauro

February 24, 2013

 Once again I am writing to you to vote against any more restrictions to the law abiding gun owners. By a ratio of 100-1 according to Connecticut Secretary of State, Denise Merrill, the citizens of Connecticut are against further restrictions placed on firearm rights. Even Vice President Joe Biden claims "assault weapons" are not a good choice for defense, get a double barrel shotgun he says, because they are hard to shoot and aim. So if what Mr. Biden says is true why are "assault weapons" under attack? If this was truly about safety why doesn't somebody put together a "No Buy" list, sort of like the "No Fly" list. Put all the criminals and the mentally defective on the list so they can't obtain any weapons, unless of course you are afraid of restricting the rights of criminals and mentally defective. I noticed when Mr. Biden was in Connecticut he had 30-40 police cars with lights going, state trooper cruisers, ambulances, fire trucks and the secret service providing his security. Now I was amazed at the fire power he gets and yet he wants to limit my choices of how I want to defend my self, my family and friends. Please honor the will of the majority and vote NO to anymore restrictions. Isn't that the way a democracy is supposed to work? Isn't that what you were elected to do?

Naugatuck , CT