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14th-term Democrat from Connecticut.
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Weapon and magazine bans

Sen. Richard Blumenthal
Sen. Christopher Murphy
Rep. Rosa DeLauro

February 22, 2013

 Please consider that the vast majority of weapons are used by law abiding citizens to gain a measure of safety for their families and loved ones. This is not a trivial role for weapons in our society. It is impossible for law enforcement personnel to provide protection for even a significant fraction of our population. This is not a comment on their dedication or commitment, there are simple too many people to protect. Coupled with the sprawling nature of our car culture it is simply not possible to police our country. Law enforcement officers are most often left to provide care and gather evidence in the sftermath of tragedy in hope that justice may be served.

This leaves the average citizen with the burden of providing deterrent force in response to a criminal threat. A criminal threat that will not be bound by the legal restrictions we are seeking to impose on our law abiding civilian population. The odds are already against the homeowner facing a home invasion by a group of criminals who likely outnumber him, are predisposed to violent action, and are probably used to violence in their lives. Likewise, the lone woman in a parking lot. Let's not make easy victims. These honest people are already at a severe disadvantage; they do not wish to harm anyone, are not trained in the use of force, and likely to recognize the threat far too late. The least we can do is allow them the chance to respond without further hampering their efforts.

New York recently passed a law restricting magazines to 7 rounds. Is it unreasonable that a parent seeking to protect their family will expend 7 rounds in fear and fumble a reload offering the criminal an opportunity to prevail? If this case were not likely we would train out military and police so thoroughly to understand how react under stress. Restricting a civilian, who will be afraid and untrained to 7 rounds is an absurd standard to hold an untrained individual to. We are setting them up to fail in their own defense.

Please let us consider enforcing the laws we have rather than passing new ones. Our system nay well need changes, but until we give a chance to succeed why are we seeking to change it? If this truly about saving lives then we should act from knowledge and move in small increments to assess and evaluate what we're doing, not react from fear.

Guilford , CT