Representative Dina Titus (D-NV 1st)
4th-term Democrat from Nevada.
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Sen. Dean Heller
Rep. Dina Titus

March 7, 2013

 The national economy is based on three economic engines, a sort of trinity of a successful situation. Joseph Story's " A Familiar Exposititon of The Constitution Of The United States " clearly states in section 172 of that book
that Congress regulates commerce for the purpose of protecting domestic manufactures. He is explaining about Art 1 section 8 of the Constitution.
Section 163, of the same, gives a vivid example of the economic conditions that occured because of the ..."inability of the General Government to regulate commerce"... . Today, we cut taxes on the job makers, and they did make jobs, mostly over seas. It's supposed to be the other way around, those that reap the rewards should pay. Why not tax them? Now those of us that lost jobs suffer higher tax rates on our lower paying jobs. Agriculture, Commerce, and Manufacturing should all have equal value in considering our economy. Foreign imports have been a major topic of economic discussion for over 200 years. We need to educate our school age population about the real meaning of our Constitution instead of redistribution of money. Tax the exported jobs, tax the imported goods. Some years back Newt told us are shifting to be a service economy. It's time we shifted back. The founding fathers got it right. Grow something + Make something + Sell something = A nice round wheel.

Las Vegas , NV