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Marine Base 29 Palms Expansion

Rep. Dana Rohrabacher
Sen. Dianne Feinstein

February 16, 2013

  This letter is in regards to the marine base at 29 palms expanding into johnsons valley. Off highway recreation areas are becoming scarce. The more you cut back on these areas, the more you are going to force these enthusiasts to use land that is not designated for off highway vehicles. This will cause extra expense in trying to enforce the law.

Also, as a veteran with 7 years military service, I can say with 100% candor that I never even saw 99% of the available land at fort Bragg. The largest marine base in the world at 29 palms simply just does not need the extra land at Johnson's valley. They already have hundreds of thousands of acres of land to train on. Ft. Irwin has absurd amounts of land to train on as well.

The gain in training potential just does not make up for the loss to the public. On top of the fact that we are drawing back forces and operation in the middle eastern theater. Why do they need the land now? Where was this request 10 years ago?

I ask that you take this issue very seriously, and reconsider the expansion of Marine base 29 Palms.

Huntington beach , CA