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Rep. Dana Rohrabacher
Sen. Dianne Feinstein

January 18, 2013

Kimberly Mimms notes shared from meetings attending NMUSD
Board Meeting and Council Meetings asking for help on the
JANUARY 18, 2013.

June 7, 2011 â€"The school withheld my daughter’s complete schools files, and it took me over two months to get my daughter’s complete file that was no longer at her school, but rather in pieces at several locations throughout the district. Even to this day, there are inaccurate grades, and certain letters from Dr’s that were no longer in the file that were given to the school and/or Principal. I had requested a copy of the School’s sign in and out sheet for my records that indicated the day that I decided to pull my daughter from Newport Heights Elementary due to the fact that it was an unsafe school environment due to the abusive teacher and her retaliation acts towards my child (Mrs. XXXX). I was told that the sign in/out sheet that I had requested with my comments as to why I was removing my daughter from the school had been destroyed which seemed unlawful under the circumstances.

June 14, 2011 â€"I spoke with David Kopperud, Education Programs Consultant at California Department of Education regarding the first complaint I had which was that my daughter’s teacher would bring in her baby/toddler to class for months because of a childcare problem, and other school staff would assist with allowing this baby/toddler to be present in the classroom and on the school campus. This was a complete disruption to the students of that classroom not allowing the students to receive an opportunity for equal education. It was then recommended to me by David to attend the School Board Meetings to share and discuss my concerns since I wasn’t getting anywhere with the Administration Staff at NMUSD. Also, I would like to note that David stated it was against school policy for teachers to bring in their children to their classrooms or on campus. There were a few emails shared back and forth between David and me during that time. His first email with specific information to me was sent on 6/14/11, and he copied a lady by the name of Barbara Pomprantz, Administrator for Educational Options Student Support.
Ironically, over the past three weeks, Rick from the Department of Education of Orange County contacted me on two separate occasions to follow up on some things requested from the District Attorney’s office of Orange County. He gave me a phone number and name to contact over at the DA’s office that ended up being disconnected, and I immediately contacted Rick and left messages to find if there was another number. Rick called me back, and stated that he didn’t have another number, and asked me to contact the District Attorney’s office, directly. I find it strange that Rick was given my information, name and phone number as well as my daughter’s name through the District Attorney’s office without consent from me. Also, he asked if I had an attorney.

I went to the Interim Superintendent, Robert Barbot, to tell my story and ask for assistance while Jeffrey Hubbard was being charged for two felony charges and misappropriation of public funds under the Beverly Hills Unified School District. Mr. Hubbard knew of my story before his charges, and he did not do anything about it either. I attended his court hearing and heard Jeffrey Hubbard state that while he was under the umbrella of Beverly Hills Unified School District he could not take full responsibility for some of the actions, but rather placed false blame on the assistant Superintendent and Board Members of BHUSD. It was stated in court testimony that one of the board members spoke out about Jeffrey Hubbard that she was bullied by him although it wasn’t used in the actual testimony that the jurors could hear.

Please, see the list of meetings I have attended. I have been attending the NMUSD School Board Meetings for over a year, and questions still have not been answered.
Meetings Kimberly Mimms has attended can be viewed under Bullyingwarrior Favorites/YouTube or Google: Bullyingwarrior or

6/14/11 NMUSD School Board Meeting- Note: Dr. Barbot scheduled and insisted to meet with the Assistant Superintendent, Susan Astarita who created a new school policy and never stepped in to stop the unlawful treatment and conduct and unsafe and unequal school environment to Kimberly’s child and hold the school employees accountable.

10/25/11 NMUSD School Board Meeting- I spoke about people afraid to come forward in the school district because of the abused power and we would learn much later the connections of hiring practices within district and friends covering up unlawful actions. The NMUSD community feels there is misuse of government funds and unfair, not equal treatment of public school children, families, good teachers and others when challenging the districts work ethics, changing school policies to benefit unlawful actions and conduct to others with no accountability. Rewarding these bullies, arming them with more power and instill fear to others to hold them liable and responsible. How could Susan Astarita, assistant superintendent, create a new school policy on 9/12/11, allowing a 5th grade teacher to bring her baby/toddler into the classroom and on campus while teaching at a public school at Newport Heights Elementary in Newport Beach, CA. Kimberly asked how could a new school policy be created after complaints and claims were filed. It was interesting to note that Susan Astarita knew months earlier on 3/30/11 that the teacher was doing this and created a school policy unheard of by the Department of Education, the Principal (at the time), Superintendent’s office, and others that would go against their own school policy. I stated that I don’t want any other parent to drive away from the school not knowing if their child is safe and what school officials will do next to harm their child with retaliation acts that would harm a child and others.

12/13/11 NMUSD School Board Meeting-Board Meeting that was hidden from public. Last Board Meeting conducted from Jeffrey Hubbard was ironically missing or deleted in the public input area just before Jeffrey Hubbard was preparing for court proceedings in Los Angeles California for his trial with the Beverly Hills Unified School District. This was withheld for almost two months before, during and after the trial of Jeffrey Hubbard.

1/24/12 NMUSD School Board Meeting-Karyl Ketchum

2/14/12 NMUSD School Board Meeting- I left information on the podium for the school board to review because Dave Brooks refused a copy for the whole school board. I offered to hand it to the guard, but was denied again. The Teacher’s Federation Top Employee had encouraged me to run for School Board because I was looking out for children, families and good teachers as well. Mrs. Ketchum and I had permission from Dave Brooks to speak with him in the parking lot. When Mrs. Ketchum was upset and walked away once she found out that he was a police officer, and on the School Board at the time of the incident with her daughter in which her daughter was not kept safe, just like my child, and Dave Brooks proceeded to tell me Mrs. Mimms your story doesn’t make sense. I responded to him, “How could it not make sense with the evidence supported in my claim supporting that my child was not safe in the school district”. I asked him if he wanted a copy of my claim and he refused and stated that the evidence was separated by one of the NMUSD employees in the district office and in my opinion committed fraud to deny a claim in compromising tort laws.

2/28/12 NMUSD School Board Meeting- Kimberly is speaking about bullying from top school officials on students and families when they file complaints or claims.

3/27/12 NMUSD School Board Meeting- I wanted a written apology to my child from the teacher, Mrs. Ota and Principal, Dr. Suhr as well as others for unlawful actions done to our family.

5/8/12 NMUSD School Board Meeting- Kimberly wants to share Parents concerns for safety in the district.

6/12/12 NMUSD School Board Meeting- I spoke on Bullying with disabled students and others within the district and unlawful acts due to retaliation in complaint claim process. (District employees were very aware that my daughter and I were temporarily disabled due to a car accident that was not my fault during the entire time we went through the complaint claim process).

6/26/12 NMUSD School Board Meeting-I’m speaking on equal education and prevention of bullying. When Kimberly spoke a second time in the public comments section she suggested and challenged board member in assisting financial help for the science camp.

8/30/12 NMUSD School Board Meeting- Doesn’t a Board Member vote on a Claim that is denied?!

Newport Beach , CA