Representative Ken Calvert (R-CA 42nd)
13th-term Republican from California.
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Rep. Ken Calvert

January 31, 2013

Dear Representatives, Senators and President,
I am a life-long California resident who recently graduated from Cal Poly Pomona with a degree in Electrical Engineering and minor in history. I am writing you because of my concern over Senator Feinstein’s future assault weapon ban that she has promised to introduce. I urge you to fight against this bill, filibuster it and do whatever is necessary to stop it from becoming a reality. The question should not be about “why would an American need an assault rifle or semi-auto firearm?” This is America! We are supposed to have the freedom to make these decisions for ourselves. We should be free to choose what, where, when and how we defend ourselves. This is about our rights as Americans not a hunting issue. It is also indisputable that every massacre perpetrated with a firearm has taken place in “gun free zones” where it is illegal to possess a firearm. In California I have been mugged at gun point twice and in both instances I was aware of my surroundings and saw it coming well before I was mugged but had no way of escape. Since California has such strict gun laws, I was not able to carry a concealed weapon to defend myself and was at the mercy of violent criminals. California makes it impossible to obtain a California Concealed Weapons (CCW) Permit. Unless you have experienced this you have no idea of the sheer terror that I experienced from the ordeals.
I understand that as politicians you are under pressure to take action over the Sandy Hook tragedy and in the wake of preceding tragedies. I have a fantastic proposal that makes absolute sense, avoids attacking our rights and is economically feasible. Let’s introduce and pass a bill that does two things:
1) Make it federal law that every state must issue concealed weapons permit to whoever applies and; is a US citizen, can prove mental competence and can pass a criminal background check i.e. no felonies or violent crimes. This part of the bill should also eliminate so called gun free zones and give the people back there rights to self defense with the exception of k-12 public schools. Note that Utah allows college students with permits to carry firearms on their campuses and there are not college shootings in Utah.
2) Provides a federal program in conjunction with state and local government that encourages k-12 school employees to become reserve police officers. This would mean that teachers, administrators’ etcetera, could become sworn police officers, know the law, have the training and be allowed in public schools carrying concealed firearms. The incentive could be a yearly bonus for becoming a reserve police officer or any number of incentives could be utilized depending on the different circumstances in different states. This would be a cheap and effective measure to 100% guarantee that no massacres such as took place at Columbine or Sandy Hook ever happen again. Armed police would be in substantially greater numbers and on scene before such tragic events could occur. Doing this would eliminate public schools from the list of “gun free zones” and also eliminate schools from becoming targets of homicidal maniacs. Please watch this very short video on YouTube to learn more about reserve police officers:
The second amendment is there so that the power of government is in the hands of the people and not tyrants. If you need a history lesson please watch “Innocents Betrayed” on YouTube:
Thank you for trying to serve our country to the best of your abilities and I appreciate the time you have spent reading my letter.

Lake Elsinore , CA