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7th-term Republican from New Mexico.
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All messages are published with permission of the sender. The general topic of this message is Homeland Security:
Outrage Over Sequestration

Rep. Steve Pearce

March 1, 2013

March is here, and unfortunately, so is sequestration…that means the entire Department of Defense, including my Air Force, will experience about a nine percent budget cut across all programs … starting now, and with no ability to adjust which accounts those cuts come from. Some of our flying units will start to cut back on training immediately to try to protect the readiness of units scheduled to deploy and those with key mission responsibilities. Unless something changes, in about six weeks you’ll notice the Air Force GS civilians that are relied on everyday will be forced to accept unpaid leave for one day a week through the end of the Fiscal Year. We’ll also be forced to delay some number of aircraft and engine depot inductions, causing aircraft availability and reliability issues, along with impacts to the small businesses that support our depots. Lastly we’ll have to delay construction projects, from airfield repairs and energy programs to the planned upgrade of your dormitory or housing area. The impacts of sequestration will be noticeable and deeply affect me and those around me.

I just heard on the radio that due to budget cuts, illegal aliens are being let go from border patrol detention facilities just down the road from us. And get this, the news reporter said not to worry because only 10% of those released have a criminal record … are you kidding me?!? I just want to share how disappointed I am in you and your inability to “reach across the aisle” and meet your political foes in the middle. You know the answer to our problems deep in your heart (raise taxes moderately for all, not just the wealthiest Americans … and, of course, cut spending). However, you have lacked the courage to do this. You think that not “submitting to the other party’s agenda at all costs” is the right strategy. You think you are being courageous by holding your party’s line and advancing a “no-compromise” agenda. But what you really are … is a coward.

Because you have not proposed moderate tax hikes for all…and because you have not cut the pork and waste from our budget…my family and many of the families of the men and women I work with, will suffer a 20% pay cut. That’s the same as a 20% tax for middle class Americans! As a result, our contractors and military men and women have work overtime to keep the mission going. So you have also imposed a 20% tax on their time and energy! This will, in turn, impact our community because we will have less money to spend downtown and less energy to participate in community activities and outreaches.

I challenge you (my elected representative) to put party politics aside and act courageously for the good of our nation … for its people and especially for those who choose to serve in the US military and in US government service. I would like to hear back from you regarding what you are going to do differently in the coming weeks (not the same old “it’s the other party’s fault” rhetoric) to terminate sequestration and put us on a positive and sustainable path to economic recovery. With little respect and admiration,


Alamogordo , NM