Representative Rob Woodall (R-GA 7th)
4th-term Republican from Georgia.
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Rep. Rob Woodall
Sen. Johnny Isakson

March 7, 2013

 Dear Mr. President, Senators and Representative,

I would like to ask that you do NOT exclude the aid that is given to Israel from the sequestration. We Americans are shouldering too much in the tax-and-spend adjustments; making an exception for aid to Israel is adding insult to injury.
I want the USA to have a fair foreign policy that encourages peace and justice in the Middle East. The history of our Israel first policies has crippled US strategic, economic, diplomatic, and humanitarian activities in that vital region of the world.
Finally, WHY are we so worried about Iran. Iran has never done to anything to the USA. Why don't we attack North Korea, who has threatened to attack us with Nuclear weapons.

duluth , GA