Representative Rob Woodall (R-GA 7th)
4th-term Republican from Georgia.
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Rep. Rob Woodall

March 4, 2013

Dear Senator Mr. Woodall,
I support a significant increase in the annual $50 million cap on Georgia Education Expense Credits. Earlier in this session, Rep. Earl Ehrhart introduced HB 140, which, in addition to raising the cap to $80 million, provided for several important transparency and accountability measures. HB 140 is the right approach.
Unfortunately, there is a separate effort to convert Georgia's tuition tax credit program into a means-tested one, no longer available to middle income families, through SB 243, which will be heard by the Senate Education and Youth Committee today at 11 a.m.
SB 243 would limit scholarships to those students with "financial needs," an ambiguous phrase that school choice opponents could use to severely alter this important program. SB 243 also opens the door to more government regulation of private schools.
Please do your best to STOP SB 243 and encourage Governor Deal to work with Rep. Ehrhart to PASS HB 140.

norcross , GA