Representative Leonard Lance (R-NJ 7th)
5th-term Republican from New Jersey.
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Rep. Leonard Lance
Sen. Robert Menendez

February 26, 2013

Dear Rep Lance,  

Is Congress going to do anything about the sequester before it happens, or are you going to let it kick in, have everyone freak out about it, cause damage to the economy, and then find a solution when you see where the polls are? I am so tired of these manufactured crises caused by a completely incompetent group of legislators! It’s just gotten bizarre at this point. Republicans come up with some scheme that is supposed to force Congress to do its job, but still Congress fails to do its job (big surprise there) and now we have some other made up thing to cost us jobs. Next month we can go through more bickering, hyperbole and a government shutdown. Yay! That will show Obama! Do you guys realize how stupid and completely incompetent you appear in the eyes of the public? It’s really a sad state of affairs when the biggest threat to our economy is our elected officials. You all should really truly be ashamed of yourselves. To be clear I hold most of the blame on the Republicans, as do a majority of the people polled. You are the ones that can’t agree to anything that would give Obama a win, even if it's good for the country, won’t agree to hardly any revenue increases, even if it’s tax breaks for companies sending jobs overseas, or sending checks to millionaire farmers. You are the ones that can’t take control of their party from a group of far right extremists. When George W. Bush won a second term, he strutted around like a peacock saying he “was given a mandate” despite a very narrow, questionable lead. Well, Rep. Lance, I submit to you that Barack Obama was given a mandate, given his landslide victory, and it is incumbent upon you to work with him and the democrats. I don’t expect you to give in to everything, but I expect you to work with them. New Jersey is not South Carolina or Alabama, most of the Conservatives in this state still do not identify with the far right wing of your party. I doubt if any of them care if Boehner keeps his speakership. Please do what is right for the country. Stop trying to just protect the very wealthy on the backs of the middleclass.

Flemington , NJ