Representative Mike Kelly (R-PA 3rd)
4th-term Republican from Pennsylvania.
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Stop false crisis!

Rep. Mike Kelly
Sen. Bob Casey
Sen. Patrick Toomey

February 27, 2013

 We are a household supported only by my husbands job as a US Border Patrol Agent. We are proud of him and he is proud to serve his country. His income will be cut by 40% due to this latest manufactured crisis. We will tighten our belt and prosper despite of your lack of service.

I think the lot of you have forgotten that you are in service to all of us. You exist to serve the "we the people". You are directly responsible for your lack of action. I would draw the comparison that many CEOs and other leaders use that form but most of use seem to emulate dictators and scoundrels.

I serve my husband and serve my children and I serve in my MOPS. I lead them to happiness and success. I ask nothing of you that millions and myself do everyday.

lead by service.

please whomever reads do not insult with a general reply. I take your spending cuts and return to real issues as your acknowledgement of my message.

Erie , PA