Delegate Eleanor Holmes Norton (D-DC At-Large)
14th-term Democrat from District of Columbia.
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Del. Eleanor Norton

January 8, 2013

Impeach Barack Obama
for the following reasons:
1. Fails to bring Bush and his cronies to justice for committing false flag acts of terrorism against the American people from 9/11, to shoe bomber, to the underpants bomber, to creating the myth of Al Qaeda, to continuing to cover up this ongoing crime and conspiracy, to war crimes for waging an illegal war of aggression for personal profits.
2. For failing to bring Bush and his cronies to justice for committing for the largest rip off of America performed by Bush cronies such as Henry Paulson, Bernanke, etc. these people made millions while ripping off Americans and they all belong in jail, and their profits should be seized as ill gotten gain. For bailing out the banks with billions of tax payer dollars.
3. For meeting in secret with the Bilderberg group with Hilary Clinton and other high level government officials, to plan American government policies, and illegal act.
4. For lying to the American people that he would get the troops out of Iraq immediately, repeal the Patriot Act, and prosecute Bush and cronies for 9/11. Once in office, he broke all these promises.
5. For waging black opp acts of terrorism such as the Batman shooting and Sandyhook shooting as a pretext to amend the constitution to take away the 2nd amendment right to bear arms.
6. For planning a conspiracy to declare martial law and round all those who oppose his tyrannical rule in FEMA camps, and to confiscate all guns from the American people.
7. For being a puppet of the Bilderberg group, allowing a hidden shadow government to govern our country, illegally.
8. For allowing corrupt federal judges to remain on the bench, particularly Deny Chin, for dismissing Gallop v. Cheney with prejudice, without allowing the case to be heard, without allow Plaintiff a day in court. He dismissed the complaint with comments of ridicule. The complaint was completely factual, and not frivolous in the least. What was frivolous was Chin's flippant dismissal of a honest and courageous suit that sought justice over the greatest crimes and acts of treason ever committed against our country. This suit would prove the conspiracy by Bush and his cronies to commit mass murder on 9/11, and to rob the American people of their freedom with the Patriot Act, for personal gain in the form of defense contracts, oil pipeline contracts, etc.
8. For ordering court appeal judges Winter, Walker (first cousin of Bush, who had no business being on the panel, and would have exercised bias without a doubt) and Cabranes to deny hearing Gallop v. Cheney on appeal, and for failing to impeach them for that denial, and for the outrageous sanction of $15,000 these corrupt judges imposed on the brave attorneys that filed that suit. Those attorney are heroes, that deserve medals, and a reward for seeking to expose the truth. Americans deserve nothing less than the truth.
9. For ordering the supreme court to deny cert of Gallop v. Cheney, the most important federal case of in the history of the U.S., and for failing to impeach any judge who voted not to hearing that case.
10. For failing to prosecute Bush and cronies for the Anthrax attacks, a black opp.
11. For keeping America terrified with false reports of terror, so that Chertoff can earn millions selling intrusive full body scan x-ray machines to TSA.
12. For using the Patriot Act and TSA to violate our 4th amendment rights, subjecting us to illegal search and seizure every time we want to board an airplane. The security we had before 9/11 served us just fine. There has never been any terror attack on this country from 9/11 to present that was not committed by our own government, therefore the intrusive TSA screening needs to be removed from our airports.
Obama is a corrupt liar and traitor. His entire cabinet is as well, and so are the judges. The American people demand that our Congress take action to write these wrongs, to impeach these criminals, prosecute them and jail them for their crimes, that Congress immediately repeal the Patriot Act and restore our freedom and right to privacy, that the electoral college be disbanded so that our votes really county from now on, we will not tolerate stealing of elections, as Bush did twice. The electoral college makes this too easy, we do not need it, we need to elect our president based on popular vote. We need to do away with federal reserve, also, this is nothing more than a shadow government that is without oversight. Our finances should be governed by our government, not by a private corporation that makes bankers rich. Since 9/11 we have seen our country become a fascist state like Nazi Germany, our FBI become a gestapo. America was once a great country, it can be great again, if you do your jobs, and put these tyrants in jail, and restore our democracy. Thank you.

Anytown , DC