Delegate Eleanor Holmes Norton (D-DC At-Large)
14th-term Democrat from District of Columbia.
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Your Responsibiity is to US, the PEOPLE

Del. Eleanor Norton

January 5, 2013

Me, my friends, and the thousands of people I speak to everyday will not stand for a magazine capacity ban. Neither will we stand for any further restrictions or bans on any type of firearm, including military style rifles. These rifles are NOT assault rifles because they lack the ability to be turned on to fully automatic fire. This is the definition by the MILITARY. If any of you continue to call these rifles "assault rifles', we as your constituents must really begin to second guess whether or not you are fit for your job (because ignorance shall not be tolerated). Your jobs are on the line, and your responsibilty is to us and our God given Bill of Rights; you SHALL NOT touch those. Our founding fathers were forced to fight for their lives to keep from tyranny and THIS is why they saw it necessary to preserve our right to keep and bear arms. Thanks you for your time, I hope you do not wish to continue taking our rights away. God bless.

washington dc , DC