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20th-term Republican from Wisconsin.
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Sen. Ron Johnson
Rep. Jim Sensenbrenner

January 17, 2013

We the citizens need nor want federal-government protection. There is little doubt the Newtown massacre was contrived. I've never seen such blatant deceit before. The scariest thing about the Newtown massacre is that people believe it happened that way.

We must protect our precious children from sudden, random execution by radically unstable psychopaths who are silent up to the moment they go berserk! And they're armed! Yes, America, at any moment, anywhere, without cause or rational explanation, your children could be slaughtered.

Could anything be more unnerving? Seriously, this is America! We protect ourselves. The American people have four boxes to be used in defense of liberty:


preferably in that order. The armed citizenry offers the only hope to reign in a renegade government, thereby providing a unique defense to the constitution and US sovereignty.

Thomas Jefferson said, "Those who would trade freedom for safety shall have neither." Lawmakers can ignore the godless incubator of death, but America will still recover from invasion by the wicked..

If the Chinese invade the US, it only makes good sense that the government would desire at least 100 million military-type rifles in the hands of the populace.

But, since children wrote the constitution, let's ask their advice on a solution. God, guns, the Bible and liquor built this great nation.

Gun bans based on cosmetic attributes are worse than useless, because the blind populace think the problem is solved. But it's not. The solution is government subsidy on assault weapons. I support a full, unconditional tax-credit for all firearms purchases and incentives for gun makers to expand production.

I don't want an America in which hashish-intoxicated Arabs can randomly slaughter white males and take the defenseless white females as concubines, because law abiding citizens are defenseless. Firearms allow the weak to defend themselves against the mighty, because lead doesn't argue, and it won't take “no” for an answer.

Gun bans violate the rights of women to a defense against much stronger predators! Females are a notoriously bad group to marginalize!

Brookfield , WI