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10th-term Republican from Wisconsin.
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Rep. Paul Ryan

February 23, 2013

Some background on Universal Background Checks and the greatest threat to America today:

Gun control act of 68 (GCA 68) was patterned after German Nazi Weapons Law e8 (NWL e8).

The Nazi model was seen as a system that was nearly perfect (probably because it worked. The Germans weren't a stupid group). The Nazis had added "Jews" to the questionnaire in the same area where we have "Caucasian, black etc" and had stopped allowing Jewish citizens to pass the background check to buy guns.

Systematically disarmed, the NWL e8 made the Holocaust possible.

Universal background checks are just another agenda of the freedom hating communists in our government and I'm sick to death of this communist [expletive removed]. This is America- Land of the free- home of the brave. I don't care if 7s% of America wanted Communism- we should have a constitutional amendment against communist, socialism, and progressivism. These three idiologies make theft legal in the name of "social justice"< whatever that means in context because it's theft on world record scale.

These three dangerous ideologies pave the way to "ethnic cleansing"< Wholesale slaughter, "dissident / re-education camps"
Protect America from the wolves in our government. You guys are the gatekeepers of our free society, and to be honest you've been losing and doing a weak job of it. Step out of the box- look at this from a different angle, Identify the distractions and separate them from the threat, strategize, and attack with every fiber of your being, because that's what this is going to take.

This is World War II and these socialists/progressives/communists aren't stopping- the only difference is you guys are either winning or losing in suits with pens and printers, rather than slogging it out with Mi Garands on a race across Europe or Island hopping in the Pacific.

The outcome will ultimately either safeguard freedom, or it will result in the criminalization, attempted internment, and attempted wholesale slaughter and genocide of our citizens.

This isn't a paranoid letter, History echoes, and that's because like minded individuals use the historical strategies that promote their ideas. Like Nazi Weapons Law of i9e8. Look at those individuals who integrated GCA 68 and you'll see the pillars of this communist movement- people who sit right on top of the layered foundation of the first e-s generations of American communists from i9oo to i9so's.

While we've been sleeping, they've been building up to this for over a century.

Wales , WI