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10th-term Republican from Wisconsin.
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February 20, 2013

I am concerned about the upcoming budget crisis, or actually, the continuing crisis. I have devoted my life to making the world a better place, spending 10 years in the United States Navy, and then teaching elementary school. I worked my way through my Bachelors and Masters degree with no financial support from my family. Now I am a federal employee, but still teach elementary students. I am the equivalent of a school principal, but earn much less, about 45% less, than local principals. I have been under the federal pay freeze for years, and my current pay and retirement plans have suffered. Now there is the threat of unpaid furlough, and I feel like I have already done my part. I feel like a scapegoat, and unpaid furlough is going to do further damage to my current and future finances. I implore you to figure out how to avoid this. It may take more compromise than you would like, but something needs to be done. I do know the budget crisis is a big issue, and am not trying to downplay the seriousness of the situation, but hope you can find a way to work it out.

Kenosha , WI