Representative Brad Sherman (D-CA 30th)
11th-term Democrat from California.
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Murdering Citizens with out due process

Rep. Brad Sherman
Sen. Dianne Feinstein

March 7, 2013

Never before in our nation’s history has there been a president and his administration so ignorant and disrespectful of the rights the Constitution guarantees the American people. For far too long the "leadership" in congress has sat quietly by as Mr. Obama has dismantled the fundamental principles our nation is founded on. As much as I despise the current administration I hold the Republicans and democrats alike in both houses of Congress at far greater contempt for their total lack of action to stop the out of control president. Hopefully Senator Paul’s efforts yesterday will shed light on the attack against our constitution by this president and will unite the American people and Congress to defend our nation against the internal threat to our freedom. It is disappointing that democrats have not just chosen to sit quietly by on the sidelines but are in full support of the destruction of the United States as we know it.

Senator Rubio made a point last night that should not be over looked. He said that if George Bush had a policy like the one discussed last night Senator Paul would still be on the floor of the Senate fighting for the Constitution and what is right. This “my party and president are never wrong” mentality that is so embedded in the democrat’s conscious has to stop. We need more people in both Houses who put being an American and everything we stand for ahead of their party. Regardless of your party affiliation the powers the president and the attorney general have implied they have are unconstitutional and flat out wrong. Where were you and the rest of the democrats yesterday and last night? My best guess is at home burning the Constitution.

I thank Senator Paul for his non-patrician support of the Constitution of the United States and his protection of our freedoms and for being the only elected representative to take action in defense of our nation.

Discussed by your lack of action,
Keith Nichols

Lake Balboa , CA