Representative Brad Sherman (D-CA 30th)
11th-term Democrat from California.
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In response to Dianne Feinstein's resonse

Rep. Brad Sherman
Sen. Dianne Feinstein

February 18, 2013

Late last week I received a response from Dianne Feinstein regarding my letter strongly opposing her latest attempt to take our constitutional rights away. Needless to say Ms. Feinstein response has nothing to do with reality, facts or a solution to gun violence that would actually have actual positive results in reducing gun violence. The vice president himself let it slip that the latest gun grabbing attempts will not deter mass shootings which contrary to one of the outright lies in Ms. Feinstein's response to me have been going down over the last 20 plus years. There is a reason way the deranged lunatics choose so called gun free zones to commit the deplorable acts. Because they know there will be no one there to oppose them. In every state that has enacted lenient concealed weapons laws gun violence has been reduced but more then that individuals with concealed weapons permits are less likely then sworn peace officers to commit other types of criminal acts. Unfortunately all of the facts in the world mean nothing to those attempting to ban assault weapons and standard capacity magazines as well as all the other gun restrictions. The true reason for their regulations have nothing to do with gun violence but has everything to do with starting the incremental confiscation of our legally own firearms as Ms. Feinstein herself has stated in the past.

Lake Balboa , CA