Senator Jeb Bradley (R-NH 3rd)
5th-term Republican from New Hampshire.
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Support Iraq Troop Withdrawal Deadline Proposed by the Iraq Study Group

Sen. Jeb Bradley

December 9, 2006

Wethink the US should set a firm date for withdrawal from Iraq, regardless of the security status in the country. We were against this war from the get go and let you both know it many times. Now we are enmeshed in a tar pit and the tar baby is plumb stuck on your boy W. You two twits should take a page from Senator Gordon Smiths book, get up on the Senate floor and admit you were both WRONG and will no longer support Administration Policy in Iraq. What happened to Jeb and Charlie Bass is going to happen to you big time. The people of NH are fed up with the Lies and the cheap sloganeering. The curtain has been drawn back. Time to bring our troops home boys. The sooner the better. "Moving Forward" toady "Moving Bacward" tomorrow. We are sick of the B.S.

Alton , NH