Senator Jeb Bradley (R-NH 3rd)
5th-term Republican from New Hampshire.
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Please help New Hampshire contractors and homeowners regain their dignity

Sen. Jeb Bradley

January 7, 2011

I am writing you in regards to a contractor home-owner dispute related to a job I had completed on october 18th. The materials were furnished by not only the homeowner, but myself and were installed with superior craftmanship. I was paid only a fraction of the contract which was signed and have since not received any type of payment or response to legal letters and billing. I have been pondering possible outcomes of these types of disputes for quite some time as I have been "taken" for money in the past by not only home-owners but contractors as well. I honestly have since given up on the legal system to collect these debts due to failure of resolution. I was hoping to contact you ( to see if you would be interested in photographing me and other workers who are owed the monetary compensation of this job and would like to take retrobution into their own hands. The meeting would take place at a barnstead residence at a set date and time where the materials paid for by me being the contractor who is owed, and his hired workers who will be dismantling the wormanship done. I am hoping that if this article is covered that it may be a catalyst for resolution in wormanship disputes in the future and that it should be known one of New Hampshires own State Representatives was hired to help complete this particular contract. This being said, that little has been done to even acknowledge these disputes and that I honestly hope to see our State begin to enforce regulation on contracters and home-owners.

Brookfield , NH