Senator Jeb Bradley (R-NH 3rd)
5th-term Republican from New Hampshire.
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Sen. Jeb Bradley

June 24, 2009

VOTE NO ON THIS SCAM OF A BILL!!! THERE IS NO GLOBAL WARMING! Just another Scam to make money. The people here in NH are watching every single one of you. Some of you voted for the bailout and will be voted out in 2010. So again I urge you people listen to US not YOU!!!!!!!!!!!! WE PAY YOUR SALERY!!! PINK SLIPS Will come if you people do not do what we ask! Its supposed to be the government works for the people not the people work for the government. Mark my words, Americans are ticked off and getting ready to form a revolution!!! PLEASE VOTE NO on this tax hike agenda!

farmington , NH