Representative Pete Olson (R-TX 22nd)
5th-term Republican from Texas.
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Rep. Pete Olson
Sen. John Cornyn
Sen. Ted Cruz

February 27, 2013

Sen. Mitch McConnel was quoted as saying that the American people won't tolerate any more tax hikes. I'm not sure which American people he's talking about but you may have noticed that at least 51% of the American people - presumably the same ones Mr. McConnel was referring to - voted for the President AND his policies. To quote Senator John McCain, "Elections have consequences." So how about you Republicans - and those Democrats who think their side is sacrosanct - cut the claptrap and get to work before a lot of good American peole lose jobs and/or pay because of Dogma. Spending cuts AND revenue are needed. Get to work. Compromise is the order of the day.

Pearland , TX