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March 5, 2013

 Dear Congessman:

My name is James Modena and I am retired and reside in Scottsdale. I am a lifelong firearms collector and enthusiast. I am a registered Republican and a regular voter.
In thinking back on my hobby; I came to the realization that there has been considerable attrition in the Federal Firearms holder ranks since the passage of the GCA in 1968 which mandated that a Form 4473 be completed by the buyer each time a firearm was purchased.
These records are required by law to be surrendered by an FFL holder when the cease operations and are permanently retained by the BATF. I expect that there are thousands of these dealers records that have been turned over to date.
This got me thinking about what the BATF is actually doing with these records. If they are being stored as received that’s probably fine and in accordance with the law. However; If these records are being computerized into some kind of data base then this would be a clear violation of the law . Computerizing these records would be the start of a firearms registration system which is something virtually all firearms owners are opposed to as this is private information and protected under the Constitution.
We, the legitimate and law abiding firearms owners, are being constantly assailed by Liberal Politicians who want a firearms registration system established so all firearms can eventually be confiscated. There is legislation proposed in the Senate By Diane Feinstein and others who have long advocated firearms registration and eventual confiscation and my understanding is that hearing are currently in process.
I am requesting that you make inquiries with the BATF and get assurances that no attempt has been made to computerize these records into a de facto registration system.
The BATF has managed to get away with Operation Fast and Furious but we can’t afford to let them get away with this.

Jim Modena

Scottsdale , AZ