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4th-term Republican from Arizona.
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Crime and criminals

Rep. David Schweikert
Sen. John McCain
Sen. Jeff Flake

February 27, 2013

 Please, please, please DO NOT give any ground on our Second Amendment. The Constitution must stand. Let's forget that you cannot control guns in the hands of criminals. Do not even think about trying to change my FREE citizen's right to keep and bear arms. PERIOD.

There is no argument sufficient.. Bottom line and you very well know it: That amendment to the Constitution, so important it was second only to freedom of religion, speech and press, IN THAT ORDER, was there particularly because the Founding Fathers knew the single greatest threat to our free society was our own government when it got to big for our good.

The Second Amendment is specifically to keep megalomaniacs hungry for money and power from usurping their authority when they would denigrate the sacred Constitution!

We are there now. Do not give a single moments relief to the side who say guns are bad. They aren't and you can't control people individually and you know as well as I do that NO LAW will stop criminals!

IF you are intent on giving up on the Constitution then do the right and final thing: Propose an amendment to the document's Bill of Rights (which fall under inalienable rights, understood to mean God given, not to be messed with). Request amendment 28 wherein the 2nd is nullified. Then let the States ratify it.

The president has clearly broken his oath which is to the Constitution and still hasn't been impeached for it. Why? Are there no men left with sufficient standards to try and hold him accountable to the highest standard? An oath too me and most who understand it means the line you DON'T cross ever. Before you would reneg on an oath you would give your life. I get the feeling it is just a step required to gain office by so many today, which is a sad commentary on our government officials. I have many friends who swore and oath to protect and defend the Constitution and paid for it with their lives.

Anyone who would not die for his country is not worthy of citizenship.

Honestly there are no excuses for you. You were voted in NOT to give you a job and secure your future but for you to protect our interests. You are NOT doing such by caving on any attempt to control one of our rights.

Control is a joke, it is like blowing on a wound. It makes the weak in society feel like something is being done when it is not. Crazy people will continue to exist but in the end not many people are killed by guns to even warrant all the attention. Stop before it is too late and this country is once again plunged into a civil strife such as has never been.

I will be happy to explain my position further but understand we do not negotiate our rights away to a government put in place by ourselves. Again, if you think it will work propose an amendment.

If you hate the Constitution even after taking an oath then find the last bit of honor left in you and step down. Let your people decide if they want to keep you, though you have no intention of upholding the oath. Honestly, how can you live a lie? I would think you would have trouble sleeping at night knowing you took an oath on a Bible, Talmud, roll of toilet paper or the Koran, and never intending to uphold it. Doesn't matter an honorable man when he gives his oath whether on an object or in the air, it is still an oath.

Scottsdale , AZ