Representative Lyle Larson (R-TX 122nd)
5th-term Republican from Texas.
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Sen. Donna Campbell
Rep. Lyle Larson

January 31, 2013

Gabrielle Giffords made an impassioned heart tugging plea to congress January 30. "You must act. Be bold. Be courageous. Americans are counting on you."

I too implore you to be bold and courageous… by standing firm with your support of the Second Amendment! Stand firm against those who do not know, or care to know, the true facts that all gun control is misplaced, feel-good, symbolic, and empty legislation.

Stand firm against a minority of vocal advocates that have been lied to and swayed by the unsupported rhetoric that banning assault weapons and high capacity magazines will save children’s lives. Stand firm against criminalizing millions of Americans just for popular short term political gain.

One hundred million law abiding Americans are counting on you to stand firm, and to VOTE AGAINST any Assault Weapons Ban, and all legislation that proposes registration, licensing, or banning high capacity magazines. Tinkering with gun control, while knowing it is pure rhetoric, is deceiving the public’s trust in your leadership ability.

I thank you for your past support in this area; but it's time to do it again as the anti-freedom forces are surely pressuring you. I will watch your vote with great interest and firmly support you in future elections as you defend of our Constitution.


San Antonio , TX