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5th-term Democrat from Connecticut.
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Rep. Jim Himes
Sen. Richard Blumenthal
Sen. Christopher Murphy

February 27, 2013

 To whom it may concern,

Please vote AGAINST any bill pertaining to gun control. I follow the law and own my firearm legally. So why is it that people in government think that the law does not pertain to them? Last I checked members of Congress have sworn an oath to defend and uphold The Constitution of the United States. I do not feel I have to recite the 2nd Amendment to you because I have faith that you have read it. Statistics can be manipulated, pundits can spin the facts, and politicians can lie. Living only 15 minutes away from Sandy Hook, I was devastated. Every gun owner in America wished that they could have been there to stop such tragic event. If you could take one thing away from this letter remember this: Gun laws help criminals and hurt law-abiding citizens, it is a fact of human nature criminals DON'T follow the law. As my employee (yes you work for the people, in case you forgot ie: ME) if you are going to be anti-gun, at least be factual, logical, and realistic when speaking for gun control. Don't use blatantly skewed data, or pull on the emotional stings of the public. If you do, I will not vote for you and I will not support you. Remember an UNCONSTITUTIONAL LAW is not a LAW.

Shelton , CT