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1st-term Democrat from New Mexico.
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Rep. Ben Lujan
Sen. Tom Udall
Sen. Martin Heinrich

March 13, 2013

  As congress tries to deal with our budget crisis I need to bring to your attention some of the real world issues with Medicare. Every few years congress tries to fix the Medicare budget issue by cutting reimbursement to Medicare providers. What this results in is more and more service providers no longer taking Medicare patients. Both I and my wife are on Medicare and can attest to this. Our dermatologist will not take new patients who are on Medicare and only reluctantly keep us because of our years with them. Our internist has stated that he will not do the Medicare Wellness Physicals that Medicare says we can get. Many physicians don't like what they are asked to do and clearly the reimbursement they get for this is unsatisfactory to them. I don't know what Congress thinks they are accomplishing by cutting physician reimbursement but all it is accomplishing is worse health care for our Medicare covered seniors.

Corrales , NM