Representative Tom Rooney (R-FL 17th)
5th-term Republican from Florida.
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Automatic cuts known as the "sequester"

Rep. Tom Rooney
Sen. Marco Rubio

February 27, 2013

 I will keep this short!

I am a Republican constituent that has seen enough of the political games being played by the Republican to protect the rich.
Rest assured during the mid-term elections, I and many other Republican constituents plan to vote for Democrats!
Veterans such as my self have fearlessly served our country with pride while Republicans continue to play political games protecting the few over the needs of the many. Our seniors, children and all of middle class America deserve a break NOW.

The Republican's in office keep us, the middle class afraid to spend our hard earned dollars because of you. If you continue to forget us...we will not forget you at election time.

Winter Haven , FL