Representative Dave Loebsack (D-IA 2nd)
5th-term Democrat from Iowa.
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Rep. Dave Loebsack
Sen. Charles Grassley

March 8, 2013

 I am writing to express my feelings on gun control. Every one agrees that any sane person would express shock and horror at someone who could shoot another person and in particular innocent children. Even more horrifying is the fact that well over a million American mothers brutally kill their own unborn children every year, and in most cases for no other reason than that a baby doesn't fit their life style, yet there seems to be no rush to condemn this practice. The knee jerk reaction to any gun killing seems to be that we have to immediately get rid of guns, register guns, tax guns or in some other way punish anyone who legally owns a gun or all of the above but all this does is punish the lawful owners of guns. I am sure that you are aware that prohibition of alcohol in the 20's and 30's was not successful, and in fact prohibition generally is not successful even down to exceeding the speed limit. There have been over 30,000 motor vehicle deaths in the US every year since 1935. Where is the outrage over owning motor vehicles that can kill people. Likely every car built today can violate speed laws or kill people. Does that make them assault vehicles and they should be banned? Even a subway train can and has been used to kill people in just the past couple of months. Shall we ban them also? Everyone wants to do something to stop the senseless killings but if you check the facts you will find that Chicago has one of the toughest gun laws in the country and more people are shot there than in Afghanistan. Australia banned guns and their gun violence went up, I would suppose that is because criminals realize there is no opposition. In fact Switzerland has the lowest crime rate in the world because every man is required to join the military and then to keep their weapon at home so virtually every home has at least one gun. Crooks don't want opposition as evidenced by the fact that mass shootings usually happen in a gun free zone. Let's try doing things that actually work not just something to make the president feel better because you did something.

I see no viable reason that registering or taxing guns will cut down on gun violence. At best it will only infringe(according to the constitution you shall not infringe) on the legal owning and possession of guns and I believe that registering guns is one step away from confiscation. Again check the constitution. The answer is to separate the mentally disturbed and criminals from their guns not separate guns from those legally allowed to own them. Unfortunately this seems to be barely given even lip service in the current national discourse. And of course Feinstein's disgusting idea of gun control continues the tradition of exempting herself and the rest of congress from having to abide by her new law. This practice needs to be nipped in the bud as we do not have a royal family in this country, yet congress continues to live by their own laws such as automatic pay raises while the rest of the country is struggling, their own private retirement rather than social security, allowed insider trading etc. Most Americans would trade salaries with congress any day yet nothing seems to get done except campaigning.

In conclusion I believe that banning guns and registering guns will only benefit the criminals as they will not comply with new laws any more than they comply with current laws.

Letts , IA