Representative Robert W. Goodlatte (R-VA 6th)
13th-term Republican from Virginia.
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Rep. Robert Goodlatte

March 14, 2013

I do NOT agree with your views on the Republican proposed budget; as usual it serves the rich and hurts the middle class and poor. Instead of closing tax loopholes that mainly are taken advantage of by the rich, you would rather take away medicare from people who deserve it. We the people did not make this budget mess, the congress was mostly responsible. Decisions are always made based on who gives the most money to a candidate, not what the people he/she represents want. Eliminate congressional pay until you and your fellow congressman can agree on a logical and fair plan. Right now; you are all acting like children that haven't learned to share; it is sad to watch this. Also, what happened to your stand on term limits and how you would never exceed 2 terms, looks like you are making this a career now. You have lost my vote.
DO NOT CALL ME, I don't appreciate having to enter a phone number; email should be sufficient.

Lynchburg , VA