Representative Mo Brooks (R-AL 5th)
4th-term Republican from Alabama.
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Secretary of Defense Vote

Rep. Mo Brooks
Attorney General Jeff Sessions
Sen. Richard Shelby

February 27, 2013

 Senators Sessions and Shelby. Yesterday, first on the vote to allow a vote on the Secretary of Defense vote, then on the vote itself, you, both, demonstrated the Art of the Cave. As Senators, you have the Constitutional responsibility to appropriately confirm presidential nominations for specified offices. Nowhere in the Constitution does it state that the Senate will rubber-stamp presidential nominations. You were joined in this Art of the Cave by your neighboring Senator, Rand Paul, a libertarian, who is supposed to be for smaller government.

By voting to allow a simple majority vote on the nomination, you abdicated your responsibility to national defense. You knew that when the final vote would be allowed, that the Democratic majority would win the vote, but you had to ability to continue to postpone the vote by refusing to allow a simple majority vote to come before the Senate. Despite the Democratic majority in the Senate, you, as Republican Senators, still have power to influence vote with the appropriate parliamentary rules. These rules, as well as some of the Senate's own rules, help to balance the power in the Senate.

Most of the time, I agree with and support your positions on votes and legislation, but on this issue, you got it wrong. The opinions that have been published about Chuck Hagel are contrary to the security of this nation and detrimental to out alliances and allies. We are only a couple of months into the Imperial Presidency of Barrack Obama (second term without concern of reelection). Many of his statements are worrisome to the future of this country. As Senators from the Great State of Alabama, you have influence in the Senate that allows you work to curtail some of his Imperial power grabs and edicts. Neither of you are junior senators; therefore, you know how to play the game. You need to review your chess skills, as this vote shows none.

Though I am addressing this specifically to our state Senators, the same items apply to Mr. Brooks in the House. By Constitutional directive, budget matters must originate in the House; so, Mr. Brooks, that is your arena. Don't play RHINO with the rest. Stand tall for what you district elected you to do.

Harvest , AL