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US Government too lax in it's attention to due diligence and Earth

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Sen. Patrick Leahy
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March 11, 2013

Hello it's me again...

I just watched a documentary on LinkTV re. a subject which has been bothering me for about a decade now since it began...the depopulation of Bees and pollinators. As Like the bats with white-nose syndrome...bother of these profoundly distressing occurrences I have found most troubling.

I do not think, or know if they are related in any way except I believe they will both prove to be of human origin, as from this documentary which does prove the bee die off IS of human origin.

PESTICIDE SPECIFIC!!!! AGAIN, United States Business GREED. The chase for the all mighty dollar...TOTALLY THOROUGHLY DISGUSTS ME! Makes me ashamed of my own Country! Which in turn, and to the point, IS MY COUNTRY SHOULD BE ASHAMED OF ITSELF!!!

This family of Pesticide put in use back in the 1990's was released to the market without due testing on the environment, the EPA being lax with it's rules by making the decision to let these neonicotinoids be TESTED LATER AT THE DISCRETION OF THE MANUFACTURER!!!!

What a JOKE!! What a stupid irresponsible decision to make on the part of the EPA. As IF A CORPORATION would make an environmentally responsible choice on it's own initiative!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Afterall it's corporate thinking which got this Country into the situation economically we have been desperately trying to get out of for the PAST DECADE OR MORE!

However, I digress! But THIS Bee die off thing really makes me angry! It's OUR OWN stupid irresponsible fault, HUMANS! Allowing the irresponsible short-sighters of our species to rule the Earth right to it's destruction! Who think that all that is of value is the Buck! And making, getting, hoarding as much of it as they can in the name of Corporate Greed.

The BEES....destruction is being cause be the use of a class of pesticide family Neonicotinoids.....BUT AGAIN! The United States, No doubt because of the things I was ranting about above, is proving AGAIN being ignorant, stupid and lax in not recognizing THIS FACT!The EPA fudges reports, dismisses evidence, sanitizes info. provided them, blatantly refusing to see what is RIGHT AT THE END OF THEIR NOSES!


This class of pesticides was used worldwide ....Europe, Asia, Canada, US, South and Central America....over a span of time many of these areas began to notice the disappearance of bees, coincidentally coinciding with the prolific use of this class of pesticides.

Consequently, France, Germany, Italy, Slovenia HAD THE COMMON SENSE, THE COMMON GOOD, Environmental concern TO BAN the use, A EUROPEAN BAN, of this class of pesticides from being USED at the end of the 1990's.

You will just never guess what the results has been!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well let me tell YOU! The bee population of Europe started Immediately rebounding! THAT IS A PROVEN FACT!

So, how can responsible Government, the EPA, be so lax and uncaring and so irresponsible. as it is NOW 2013, AND THIS DAMNED class of pesticides IS NOT YET BE BANNED IN THE UNITED STATES??????? THAT which is killing the Bees, which makes it possible for us to have food...both vegative and fruit, and they eat the vegative....THERE IS SOMETHING SERIOUSLY WRONG WITH THIS PICTURE!

My expectation of MY GOVERNMENT IS....that it BE as RESPONSIBLE THINKING AS I AM! And More so!

Because MY Government has the task of Responsibility for it's WHOLE CITIZENRY!

From my point of view the EPA is Shirking IT'S RESPONSIBILITY in the name of kowtowing to Corporate Non-Think Greed!

And, oh believe me, this is NOT the first incident of this I see of the EPA and other so called "trusted" Governmental Dept., the USDA as some comeuppance coming too, from ME....but for another your glad of that...

Thanks for your Ear, and I DO hope this does not get lost in the shuffle....because it's VERY IMPORTANT TO ALL OF US!

Huntington , VT