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February 25, 2013

To Whom It May Concern,
This message is directed toward all Congressmen,and not necessarily toward mine, but I can't send a message to all of them, so I am hoping that this e-mail will somehow get sent around.
I am getting very angry with the lack of action in Congress right now. It is not fair that 750,000 people will lose their jobs (according to CBS Evening News) because 450 people in Congress cannot agree on a budget. The American people are getting very fed up right now, including me. Congress needs to get their act together.
I also feel a pay cut is justified. If I was unable to do my job, I would be fired. So far, all I am seeing in Congress is inaction, and I feel that Congress either needs to take a huge pay cut or do their jobs. How can Congressmen and women justify their huge salaries when 750,000 hard-working families will be put on a very limited budget?
This whole situation makes me so angry. I have never been more disgusted with Congress and the Executive Branch than I am right now. Please, for the sake of the 300 million+ Americans that you serve, come to an agreement, and please do it soon. Please pass this message along, if possible. Enough is enough.

Richmond , VT