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7th-term Republican from Utah.
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Sen. Orrin Hatch
Sen. Mike Lee

March 13, 2013

This is a great analogy you may find useful in your advocacy and position of influence. "Every Sunday I arrive to work and pick up the delivered morning paper from the front door. Inside this thin plastic bag are dozens of coupons, waiting to be cut out as they're real fake money that's free. What most people don't realize is that companies & stores don't give away free money. Every coupon that a store takes, the company of the product purchased reimburses the store who is taking the coupons, thus having no loss revenue from the company producing the note of cut payments from the product they have stocked on their shelves. The 'free cutout money' from coupons is really money consumers freely spend on companies under the pretense that they themselves are saving money. The gimmick is a false illusion of privilege exclusiveness that even at dollar & cents level, companies are more than happy to give up in return for higher profits.

The same concept of coupons applies to taxes, but in which coupons freely flow to corporations by government and the 'free money' is really paid for by the hard work of the American people.

The initial design of a tax system was to fund a functional society. Teachers, nurses, executives, poor people and companies, all proportionally pay its monetary dues for a free country. Its is the reason why we have a sewer system for our bodily wastes, a police force to protect our homes and fire departments that would put out a fire of even a homeless person's dumpster. Taxes also pays for school systems that attempt to make sure American children learn how to read, write and understand simple arithmetics. Taxes provide paved roads and running clean (as it can be) water. Taxes also help American citizens with college, through either grants or low interest loans. Taxes technically pay for common goods that better our lives when they are distributed accordingly.

But what happens when, like cutting coupons, we begin to cut taxes? And who do they really benefit?

Unlike with coupons, the 'store' (the American people), receive no reimbursement for accepting 'coupons' (tax cuts) from 'a company' (our government) who gives out 'coupons' (tax cuts), and who will also see higher profits (campaign money) from the consumer (corporations) receiving the coupons (tax cuts). Tax cuts are worse than coupons because they are not paid for by the government and ultimately do not benefit anyone but the corporation who receives the cut. Through this fake money tax cuts, the American people become the store that receives the short end of the stick up their bums by allowing tax cuts for big corporations. Corporations use just as much, or even more of our common goods. Their companies drink from our water systems, call our fire departments for any business fires and rely on our judicial system to protect constitutional rights and it's these the reasons why corporations should be held accountable to pay their share of taxes that make those common goods possible.

Corporations take in as much profits as they can, they pollute our waters and our air with industrialized production, outsource jobs to drastically lower overhead costs of labor, have more rights and protection under the Constitution than the American people, yet they pay a lower percentage of taxes, made even lower within the past decade. This trend will continue to make corporations profit excessively in our country while we continue to fire teachers and shrink our fire and police departments. Americans have used taxes to bailout global banks, which then in turn, placed a choke hold on loans to potential home & car owners and small businesses. We allow corporations to bask in American liberties while not holding them accountable to pay their dues. Tax cuts use the same illusion of privilege of false entitlement gimmick,except it's the American people who are led to believe that tax cuts are good for the country, when in reality tax cuts can bring us closer to becoming a poorer country.If we continue to cut dues on society, then our end result will bound to fail us and weaken our country's economy.

There is one kind of special coupon that can benefit 'the store' and I am a perfect example of it. I'm currently enrolled in a state University and my tuition is generously paid for through state and federal grants. My pursuit is to become an actuary, a career that can land me with a 6 figure salary. The investment of tax money on my tuition will pay itself multiple times over from the taxes I pay with my salary. The money doesn't disappear, it's stays circulated in the economy where maybe a girl who will learn about math from textbooks that my tax money paid for and who will then grow up to be a college graduate with a great career. Taxes invested back to the people (and not to corporations) is how we will evolve as a society and avoid expired coupons of the American dream."