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12th-term Republican from Texas.
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February 13, 2013

Regarding Gun Control. I believe making another law, just to make another law will not fix any of the outstanding issues. Is it likely a person will defend their home with a weapon holding 10+ rounds, yes, 30+ no. Is it likely that the people who are breaking into your house will have 30+ rounds, yes, since they will obviously be more prepared. The point is, criminals will always have access to banned weapons, and normal gun owners who enjoy hunting, collecting, and shooting a variety of weapons will not have access. Taking these weapons from non-criminals will not fix anything.

I do not enjoy providing a government which I'm losing trust in with information which could one day lead to confiscation.

Please do not infringe on our rights. Normal people are not our nations problem. The news media is the largest issue we have today. Most all of the large news organizations are in Democratic areas, only reporting things which are good for the Democratic party. I ask you put laws in place which would balance the reports coming from the news. FOX News is just as guilty as the others, even though I mostly believe what they report, I still see them as one sided.

God Bless America!

Wichita Falls , TX