Representative Kay Granger (R-TX 12th)
11th-term Republican from Texas.
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Rep. Kay Granger

February 18, 2013

 Dear Mr President,why do you feel it is appropriate to disarm your fellow Americans? None of the new gun laws will help us defend ourselves. It will only make it more easy for criminals to harm the American people. Surely you know that criminals will not follow these new laws. Even your vice president agrees that the new gun laws will do nothing to stop mass shootings and protect innocent people. I should be able to have a standard capacity magazine if i want to for the protection of my life and others. If i was ever attacked, i am the first responder not the police, not the secret service, cia, fbi, etc. The Police usually show up after the damage is done to collect a report. I apprciate what the Police do but they are not first reponders. Please do not continue to strip away my rights as an American to protect myself. I dont know how you could be so blind to this issue. Only law abiding citizens are being punished. Please realize what you are doing and please realize that even Vice President Biden has said that none of the proposed gun laws will change these mass shootings. Let us protect ourselves please. Put yourself in the shoes of the American people who will be stripped of their freedoms. I am thankful you and your family have the right to be protected and i hope that i will be able to continue to protect mine.

Ft Worth , TX