Representative Virginia Foxx (R-NC 5th)
7th-term Republican from North Carolina.
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Absolute Disgust

Rep. Virginia Foxx
Sen. Richard Burr

March 7, 2013

 Recently, it was brought to my attention that the "braintrust" in Washington (and I use that term very loosely),is discussing a plan which will have dire consequences for all senior citizens, called the "chained CPI". Our current COLA increases, using the archaic system currently in use to measure the CPI are not even enough to keep up with the current exponential rise in the cost of living. Now, you want to try to balance the budget by stealing from the pocket's of senior citizen's. Fully realizing that we are dealing with a President who could care less if senior citizen's live or die, I have to assume the new idea came from the White House. If it came from Congress, you will all be looking for new job's after the next election. Be very careful in the way you treat senior citizen's. We are a large voting block. I will personally do everything I can to spread the word concerning this travesty. You can count on it. As for Obama, historian's will place him on the list as one of the worst President's in the history of this country. So much for the bloated, over inflated Obama ego.

Kernersville , NC