Representative Virginia Foxx (R-NC 5th)
7th-term Republican from North Carolina.
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Violence against Women Act

Rep. Virginia Foxx

March 5, 2013

It is truly amazing that you vote against the most basic rights for women, that being the right NOT to be abused by the man in her life. What could you possibly be thinking? That women deserve to be beaten and abused in relationships? That they deserve to be threatened and even killed in front of their children by an abusive husband or boyfriend?
I can believe that republican men who seem to have no understanding of even the basic biology of women as it relates to pregnancy or birth control, would believe that women deserve to be controlled and even abused by the men in their life. They have shown they have no understanding of even what rape actually means. However, logic would dictate that a woman would stand up for other women.

Moravian Falls , NC