Representative Virginia Foxx (R-NC 5th)
7th-term Republican from North Carolina.
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Rep. Virginia Foxx
Sen. Richard Burr

February 24, 2013

 Dear Senator:I strongly encourage you to
oppose the so-called Universal Background Checks (UBC) for gunpurchasers.
On any level, this is a bad idea. I will not achieve its stated objectives and will bring into playmany serious abuses against US Civil Liberties. In discussion of the UBC please consider the following:1) We
already have a universal background checking system in place: the NICS
. All personalinformation is reported through NICS and approve by checking
existing Federal Criminal databases
. Thevast majority of guns sold in this country are ran through NICS. The system, like all govt programs, functionspoorly and has blocked 10000s of legitimate buyers of firearms; good people denied their rights. Moreoverthis system itself is an invasion of individual privacy and, contrary to federal law, the provided information has
been integrated into illegal databases by the ATF. Meanwhile violent criminals do whatever they’ve always
done: stealing or obtaining their guns through illegal sources. UBC will not affect criminals just as the currentsystem generally does not.2
) The real intent of UBC is to track, control, limit, ration, outlaw many varieties of guns, andultimately confiscate personally held firearms.

Even if that’s not the i
ntention of your Congress, thosethat follow you can easily change this. Private gun transfers should remain legal and untracked by any govtentity since doing so does not decrease crime. And yet proponents know UBC cannot work without creating aNational Firearms Registry.
They will demand national gun registration
with attached felonies for non-compliance as they seek to identify, track, and eliminate personal firearms. With this system in place,
politicians can “call in” whatever guns, through current political expediency, are determined to be “evil.” In
this expanded UBC system criminals, of course, will be unaffected. Bad guys can illegally manufacturedangerous devices anytime they want irregardless of law.3
) Many abuses of the UBC system will ensue.
The creation of an all encompassing Federal Gun OwnerDatabase will be used to the destruction of liberty and privacy for all Americans. Integration of contrivedmedical disqualifiers will be abused (like treatment for depression after the loss of a family member a decadeago!), extra fees and taxes will be assessed, dissemination of gun owner data in public forums could occur(leading to theft and murders), integration of national ID systems and political classifications could be
integrated…just to

name a few. The government has no business tracking this information and it’s a clear
violation of the 2
Amendment..True assistance to gun violence can be accomplished in two simple ways 1) Strengthen American valuesystems instead of tearing them down. Support families and their instruction of their children. Not by liberalgovernment educational systems but by families. This WILL reduce gun crime. Good children, taught beloving guardians, grow up to be good people, protecting life not destroying it. 2) Eliminate gun free zoneswith national legislation. Civilian gun ownership
has to be allowed
in all reasonable venues to eliminatethese mass shootings: schools, shopping areas, churches, stadiums, etc. Immediate armed response by bothLE and armed civilians stops these shootings, proven in recent history.
UBC will prove to be catastrophic for America.
I truly appreciate your support in defending the Second Amendment and will continually reward you with my support and that of my audience in social media.Likewise if I find it lacking I will strive to make sure you are not re-elected and your political career is ruined.Thank you for your consideration

yadkinville , NC