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11th-term Republican from Texas.
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Sen. John Cornyn
Sen. Ted Cruz
Rep. Kevin Brady

February 27, 2013

 Dear Senators Cornyn and Ted Cruz and Congressman Brady,

We wanted you to know how strong our feelings are on two major issues.
1. Immigration
2. Gun Control

We feel we have many immigration laws on the book and the ILLEGAL immigrants SHOULD NOT obtain a path to American citizenship. We have many many wonderful immigrants who came here legally. I suggest we start by deporting those who are in jail. Then rounding up the gangs and deporting them. We simply do not believe this can't be done. This is the country that has pulled off The Berlin Airlift, ousted Ortega, and many other things that seemed impossible at first.

In our earlier years of immigration, folks came from Europe and Asia, followed the law and became Americans. Now we find immigrants forming communities with their countrymen, continue to speak the language of the country they left and they do not wish to become Americans.

We see sharia law in the Islamist communities and no recognition of American laws. We see this in Detroit as well as others. These folks should be deported.

We have also had personal knowledge of Bosnian communities in upstate NY. Not only are they not mixing with Americans â€" they don't want to become Americans. They just want to keep getting free homes, money for expenses, etc. They don't even work.

This has all gotten out of hand. Giving in and saying “well they are already here and we don't want to separate families”. Sounds so compassionate doesn't it.

We live in Texas and know first hand how many Mexicans are here illegally. They ride our highways hanging on the back of an overloaded pickup truck working for landscapers and keep up lawns at residences who just look the other way. They come and find jobs like horse handlers. They save money to go back to Mexico â€" they have no wish to become American. And the conditions they live in are atrocious. As many as 20 -25 will live in a rented home built for a small family. The local company that sells mulch, rocks, etc. built a covered place where the illegals can wait every morning hoping some citizen will need a day worker(s). One horse handler I knew lived in a small camper on the farm. He had two or three friends staying with him for months. Even tho he stayed years and the trainer had come to depend upon him, when he had the money he wanted, he disappeared one day without a word.

Why do we allow teenagers to fly the Mexican flag â€" and yet wont let American teenagers fly the American flag? I cant imagine those teenagers want to become Americans!

We don't want to hear about any “path to citizenship” until our borders are solid and we correct the distressful conditions here. I want our legislature to realize coming here ILLEGALLY is AGAINST THE LAW. It is a CRIMINAL offense and must be treated as such.


We would not be America, if the gun controllers had their way. The Second Amendment clearly gives each American CITIZEN has the right to buy and hold any gun they want. It's not about hunting. It is somewhat about protecting ourselves against criminals. It's about the Second Amendment.
We have the right to own guns â€" as many and as many kinds we want.

We have gun laws. Let's enforce them! It's good to get guns off the street and out of criminal hands.
But it is not good for the government to mess with citizens right to bear arms.

I understand a background check, but if this leads to a database somewhere of gun owners â€" then we leave ourselves open to confiscation of our lawful guns. And the UN wants to be in charge of all this. We simply do not trust the UN and certainly would not give our guns to them.

Bottom line: no more gun control laws â€" UN or our government. We have a right to own guns PERIOD.

Thank you all for your time and attention.

WE BEG you to support our rights in any legislation that may insinuate itself into the halls of Congress.

Magnolia , TX